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Natur-Kulturverhältnisse bei Bruno Latour. Relation(en) und Differenzierung(en) zugleich

The relationship between humans and nature has preoccupied sociology since its inception and is an especially salient topic in view of the climate crisis and other problems connected to it in complex, multi-facetted ways. Late modernity saw a break with the dualistic view of nature versus culture, among others in the works of the French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour, who is considered one of the main representatives of Science & Technology Studies (STS). With this publication, André Hinderlich attempts a terminological organisation and theoretical clarification of the diverse statements, set pieces and concepts of the actor-network theory (ANT), which has become prominent. Hinderlich focuses on the relationship between the pairs of terms 'relation(s)' and 'differentiation(s)'. This necessarily leads beyond Latour to additional natural-philosophical reflections and further methodologies within the field of environmental sociology.

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Publications as Dramaturg at Theater Altenburg Gera


Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (D: Johanna Hasse), 2022

Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray (D: Sebastian Schlicht), 2023

Hokuspokus (D: Manuel Kressin), 2023

Maria Stuart (D: Louis Villinger), 2023

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