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André Hinderlich's work transcends disciplines at intersections of performance art, post-dramatic and experimental theatre, video art, science and socio-philosophical reflection. Hinderlich has worked as an actor, performer, film maker, photographer, theatre teacher and dramaturg. In his own artistic work, he is currently investigating culture-nature relationships in the sense of posthumanist thought and the possibilities of queering attributed binary identity. He has also dealt with the topic of power constellations and various conflicts in late modern societies.

CV - selection

Academic Career
2019 – 2022 Social Theory, University of Jena | Master of Arts

(Master thesis: Natur-Kulturverhältnisse bei Bruno Latour. Relation(en) und Differenzierung(en) zugleich, published by SpringerNature Verlag in the Best Masters program)
2018 – 2019 Cultural and media management, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg | Certificate
2007 – 2011 Performing Arts/Drama, University of Salzburg Mozarteum (Thomas Bernhard Institut) | Master of Arts
2002 – 2010 Theatre- Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna, Copenhagen, Salamanca | Bachelor of Arts

Artistic work

2023 perma.kult, Lecture-, Video- and Sound-Performance, mon ami Weimar and ARGEkultur Salzburg

2022 Nichts, Video/Lecture-Performance, ARGEkultur Salzburg
2022 Gaia, Video, Toihaus Salzburg, in collaboration with IPHG Salzburg
2022 Kaspar, Tape
2021 The Form of Power, Performance, ARGEkultur Salzburg
2019 Selbstbezichtigung / accusatio alterius, Theatre-Performance, ARGEkultur Salzburg
2019 alien(n)ation, Theatre-Performance, Theaterhaus Jena
2018 getrennt – verbunden, Theatre and Sound-Performance, ORFF-Institut Salzburg
2017 Die Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters), Theatre, ORFF-Institut Salzburg
17 Onenineonesix, Dance and Theatre-Performance, Leipziger Tanztheater

(Directors: A. Trevisani/ A. Hinderlich/ P. Lamprecht)
2014 Der Mann im Fahrstuhl, Tanz-Theater, Leipziger Tanztheater

(Director: A. Trevisani)

Permanent engagements at theatres as an actor/theatre maker

2018-2021 Theaterhaus Jena/Theater Rotterdam, various developments of performances

(collaboration with Jetse Batelaan and the Collective Wunderbaum among others)
2011-2015 Thalia Theater Halle/ Neues Theater Halle, various roles

Film work as an actor (2009-2020)

(among others: The Monuments Men (D: George Clooney), Wir waren Könige (D: Philipp Leinemann), Stumm (D: André Hinderlich), Urlaub in Deutschland, (D: Florian Schaumberger), Soko Leipzig etc.

Radio plays/audio/readings as voice actor (2009-2023)

(among others for Podium Festival Esslingen, Musikfest Liebenberg, Internationale Paul Hofhaymer Gesellschaft, Theaterhaus Jena, Lese-Zeichen  e.V., Burg Ranis, Jena Kultur, Dialoge Festival, Duo Enßle Lamprecht (CD: The Anonymous Lover), Theater Altenburg Gera etc.

Permanent theatre engagement as dramaturg

since 2023 at Theater Altenburg Gera, dramaturg

Scholarships, grants and awards

2024 Solo funding from the state of Salzburg for perma.kult II

2023 Scholarship from Thuringia Cultural Foundation for perma.kult I

2023 Solo funding from Cultural Foundation Weimar for perma.kult I

2023 Theaterpreis des Bundes for Theaterhaus Jena

2022 Scholarship form Thuringia Cultural Foundation for Gaia
2022 Solo funding from the state of Salzburg for Nichts
2022 Scholarship Neustart Kultur II for Kaspar (Peter Handke)
2020 Solo funding from the state of Salzburg for The Form of Power
2020 Scholarship AIRstip from the state of Salzburg for The Form of Power
2020 2. Platz Monospektakel Theater "Die Tonne" Reutlingen für alien(n)ation
2019 Solo funding from the state of Salzburg for Selbstbezichtigung / accusatio alterius
2019 Stumm invited to Phenicien International Film Festival, Lyon
2018 Award as BEST ACTOR for Stumm, BIIF Award 2018, Best Independents International Filmfestival, Karlsruhe
2018 Stumm invited to FESTIVAL de CANNES, short film corner 2018
2018 Stumm invited to 15th Sedicicorto Film Festival, Forlì
2018 Funding from the state of Salzburg for Stumm
2017 Solo funding from the state of Salzburg for Die Ursonate

Pedagogical activity in theatre, film and performance

Various freelance activities in the areas of theatre, film and performance education

(e.g. for Stellwerk Weimar, Albert Schweitzer Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte Weimar, Regelschule Dobitschen, Friedrichgymnasium Altenburg)

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